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Size/Conversion Charts

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" Are you wanting to compare American / European / British sizes of clothes, shoes, and hats, to New Zealand sizes for both adults and children?"

If you answered "YES!" to the above question, then read below...

Welcome to "Products From New virtual store - THE place for the widest selection of quality, authentic, New Zealand made gifts, products & thrill-seeking service on the Internet, backed by a 365 day money back warranty".

This is our 'Size / Conversation Charts' page to make it easy and fast for you to pick the correct item while shopping with us.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or you are unsure about what is your correct size.

- What you will need to do.

Click on any one of the following charts to go straight to it, or scroll down the page to browse them all.

Following are easy to use charts to enable you to be able to convert from your local measurement system (inches / metric) into the equivalent NZ size. All sizing shown for each garment is based on New Zealand sizes. Please use the following tables to find the right size for your country, then find the equivalent NZ size and select that when ordering.

When ordering, remember that age is not always an accurate guide to sizes. The height of your child generally gives a better indication of which size to buy (especially for toddlers).

To ensure you receive the styles that are just the kind of fit you like, it is best to take a moment to measure yourself, your child, husband or friend and check all body measurements against our size chart.

We hope this makes choosing the best size easier - however if in doubt contact us for advice.

Body image

Height: Measure without shoes, standing flat against the wall. Measure from top of the head to the floor.

Head: Place tape measure around forehead. Measure right around head including the widest part of the back of the head. The average head size for a lady is 57 cm (22.5 inches).

Bust/Chest: Measure under the arms around fullest part of the chest, and across the shoulder blades. (Key measure for tops and loose fitting dresses).

Waist: Measure around natural waistline keeping the tape comfortably loose. (Key measure for loose fitting skirts)

Hips: Measure across the fullest part of the bottom at the top of the legs.

Shoes: Take your shoes off and measure from your heel to the tip of the longest toe.

- Women

Size by Body Measurement
Euro 34363840424446485052
UK 8101214161820222426
USA 681012141618202224
Japan  89111315171719 
NZ 8101214161820222426
Bust(cms) 80859095100105110115120125
 (inches) 31.533.535.537.539.541.543.5454749
Waist(cms) 6065707580859095100105
 (inches) 23.525.527.529.531.533.535.537.539.541.5
Hips(cms) 899499104109114119124129134
 (inches) 353739414345474950.552.5
Sleeve length
 (cms) 51515353535353
 (inches) 20202121212121
Easy Fit Sizes and Equivalents

Womens Shoes
Euro 3536363737383839394040
UK 3.544.555.566.577.588.5
USA 55.566.577.588.599.510
NZ 55.566.577.588.599.510

Womens Hats
The average head size for a lady is 22 1/2 inches.
  Small (53.5 - 55.5 cm) Medium (56 - 58 cm) Large (58.5 - 60.5 cm)
UK  6 3/86 1/26 5/86 3/46 7/87 7 1/87 1/47 3/87 1/27 5/8
USA  6 1/26 5/86 3/46 7/87 7 1/87 1/47 3/87 1/27 5/87 3/4
 (cm) 5253545556575859606162
 (inches) 20 1/220 7/821 1/221 5/82222 1/222 7/823 1/423 5/82424 1/2

- Maternity

To keep things simple, just choose the size you normally would when you're not pregnant. If unsure check the chart.

Maternity clothes should fit just as your regular clothes do, allowing room for expansion with a standard weight gain of 11 - 14 kg (25-30 pounds).

If you feel you have gained, or will be gaining more than an average pregnancy weight gain, please go up one size. If you want a more body conscious fit, or if you are in between sizes on our size chart, you may want to size down (especially in pant styles).

While Pregnant Small Medium Large Extra Large
Bust(cms) 87.695105115
 (inches) 34.437.441.345.3
Waist(cms) 98.5106116126
 (inches) 38.841.745.749.6
Hips(cms) 102.5110120130
 (inches) 40.443.347.251.2

- Children

Newborn to Pre-School
(0-3 MTHS)
(3-6 MTHS)
(6-9 MTHS)
Weight(lbs)up to 77-1010-1717-2222-3030-3333-3636-40
 (kgs)up to 3.183.18-5.445.44-7.717.71-9.989.98-13.613.6-1515-16.316.3-18.1
Shoe SizeNBNBNB1-Feb345

New Entrants to Teenager
Vertical Trunk(cms)108116/118124/126134/136 

Children's Shoe Size
Take your child's shoes off and measure their foot from the heel to the tip of the longest toe
Foot Length5678910111213123

- Men

Sizes by body measurement
Men's Unisex SizeSMLXL2XL3XL
Sleeve Length(cms)51535353  

Mens Suits / Jackets / Sweaters

Mens Shirts

Mens Shoes

Mens Hats


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