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Edmonds Original Recipes Cook Book 2015 Edition

The Edmonds Cook Book has been an institution in New Zealand homes for over 100 years, and there would not be many homes without one.

Easy to read, full of very helpful hints and full colour illustrations.

The Edmonds Original Recipes Cook Book - New Edition has been designed to make cooking simple for new and experienced cooks.

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Edmonds Original Recipes Cook Book - New Edition...

ith over three million copies sold to date the Edmonds Cookery Book is the biggest selling cook book in New Zealand history.

About This Book...
The Edmonds Cookery Book needs no introduction, given its proud 90–year history of popularity and success. But it is interesting, all these years later, to reflect on the humble origins which have led to it becoming a household name in this country.

It all started in Lyttelton, last century, when 20–year–old Thomas J. Edmonds developed his own baking powder in response to the need of dissatisfied customers who came into his grocery store complaining about the unreliability of the baking powder then available.

Making History...
In 1879 he sold his first batch of 200 tins, telling his customers that their baking was 'sure to rise', and before long the housewives of Canterbury were clamouring for more of the tins bearing his distinctive rising sun with cakes trademark.

The rest of New Zealand soon followed suit and in 1907 the first edition of the Edmonds Cookery Book, with its 50 pages of 'economical everyday recipes and cooking hints', made its appearance. Every couple who announced their engagement looked forward to receiving their free copy – a practice which lasted for some years.

A Christchurch landmark for nearly 70 years...
Sales of the baking powder continued to rise in spite of competition from some fierce contenders for the business and, by 1915, sales were equivalent to six and a half tins for every family in the country. Seven years later Thomas Edmonds opened his factory, which was to become a Christchurch landmark for nearly 70 years.

During the Depression it became the first factory to introduce a 40–hour, five day week and this forward thinking ensured that none of the workers, many of whom had been with the firm for an impressive number of years, had to suffer redundancy.

And the city of Christchurch also gained from this remarkable man's generosity when he erected a band rotunda (now a restaurant) and a clock tower to celebrate his firm's 50th anniversary in 1929. This was followed by the creation of a park behind the factory which later became city property.

The success of the cookery book grew...
As Edmonds increased its range of products the success of the cookery book grew and more than three million copies have now been sold – making it not only a bestseller among cookbooks but the biggest–selling book ever published in New Zealand.

In 1989 a companion volume, the Edmonds Microwave Cookery Book, was published and there is no doubt that the Edmonds cookery books will continue to stay New Zealand's most popular cookbooks for many years to come.

Finer Details About The Edmonds Cook Book...

  • Format: Softcover
  • Number of pages: 250
  • Illustrated with Color photos
  • ISBN: 9780473053802

    Calling All Ex-Pats And Cooks Around The World...
    Are you either an expat Kiwi?, if so, then you need this book in your kitchen, just to make you feel comfortable and grounded - no matter where you live in the world now :-)
    Or, if you are a someone that loves to eat good (make that excellent) home baked food, then purchase this book now and test out the recipes - they are proven to work and taste great!
    You won't be disappointed - this book has been making contented family homes for generations...

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