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Buzzy Bee Wooden Pull Along Toy - Famous in New Zealand


The classic toy that all Kiwi (New Zealand) children grew up with and continue to grow up with. 

As you pull it along by its string the wings go round and round and it makes that "clicking noise" that gets louder as you go faster.

Great fun, and a must for every child - worldwide.

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The Buzzy Bee Story
The inspired creation of Auckland brothers, Hec and John Ramsey, the Buzzy Bee has endeared itself to millions of New Zealanders. An intriguing concoction of buzzing sound, quivering antennae, spinning wings and basic bold colors, this delight pull-along toy has been purchased in the hundreds of thousands since its first release in the mid 1940’s.

Purchase now and start a new fad in your circle of friends who have children...



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