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Maori Pounamu / Greenstone / Jade Carvings

Hand crafted New Zealand Maori jade (pounamu / greenstone) carvings, in their many forms.
Hand crafted New Zealand Maori jade (pounamu / greenstone) carvings, in their many forms, from the very traditional pieces to the more contemporary designs...

Maori Pounamu / Greenstone / Jade Carvings...
Hand Crafted New Zealand Maori Jade (Pounamu / Greenstone) Carvings, In Their many forms, from the very traditional pieces to the more contemporary designs.

Highest Quality Work From The Very Best Of Artists...
We at Products From New specialize in only the highest quality work from the very best of artists. We do not want you to return any of the items we sell because of poor quality of materials or workmanship - therefore we are very particular with both these areas.

Beautiful Semi Translucent Stone...
Jade, known locally as Green Stone or Pounamu is a beautiful semi translucent stone with many shades of green and an irresistible aura of strength and quality.

Very Special Piece Of Personal Artwork...
A bone, jade or pearl carving is a very special piece of personal artwork to wear yourself or give to someone you really care about.

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Maori Jade Single Twist Pendant

Maori Jade Single Twist Pendant

This hand carved Maori Jade Single Twist Pendant is made from high quality Nephrite Jade... Click for further details

USD $125.00
Maori Jade Toki (Adz) 50mm

Maori Jade Toki (Adz) 50mm

The beauty of jade is unsurpassed with its semi translucent look and swirls of green... Click for further details

USD $117.65

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Are Jade, Pounamu and Greenstone the same thing?
The short answer is no.

New Zealand jade is Nephrite Jade which has inclusions of other minerals giving it the interesting color.

Jade or Greenstone are common names for the jade used to carve Maori designs. These terms include jade sourced from New Zealand and also imported stone from places like Australia or Canada. New Zealand jade is sometimes hard to get so it is common for stock or cheaper carvings to be carved from a mixture of local and imported stone.

We can not 100% guarantee that every stock carving design is carved from New Zealand stone as they are often not made by our own carvers so we simply describe them as "jade".

There is no really a pure black New Zealand jade (very dark but not completely black) so pure black jades are generally Australian jade.

Pounamu however is the term for New Zealand jade so is only used when we have been assured by the carvers that it is really New Zealand jade.

No Two Pieces Will Ever Be Exactly The Same...
Each Pounamu / Greenstone / Jade Carving piece is crafted by hand so even if following the same design, no two pieces will ever be exactly the same.
Unique Pounamu / Greenstone / Jade Carvings or bone pendant pieces can also be designed especially for you, telling your story through traditional styling and some may also include exotic inlays of shell or precious stones. Contact us for more details on this.
You will be surprised how reasonably priced these custom made, one-off designs are.

Do You Want A Custom Made Bone Or Pounamu / Greenstone / Jade Carving Or Pendant?...

Interested In Retailing These Pendants In Your Shop/Museum/Country?...
Products From New Zealand is actively looking for wholesalers/retail outlets for our range of stunning and handmade Maori bone and pacific pearl shell pendants throughout the world.
Please contact us with your details, describing your business and we can send you wholesale pricing on our Maori bone and pacific pearl shell pendants.
We suggest you purchase one now to see the quality of these pendants.

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