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Possum & Wool Blend Clothing

New Zealand made gloves, socks, slippers, sweaters, knee rugs, shawls, beanies, scarfs, jackets.
Superfine New Zealand merino wool & possum fur makes a unique & luxurious garment: gloves, socks, slippers, sweaters, knee rugs, shawls, beanies, scarfs, jackets, cardigans, tunics etc. We can provide you with the finished item, or the yarn itself...

Possum & Wool Blends - Finished Clothing Garments...
This extensive range of clothes are made from blending a combination of superfine New Zealand merino sheep wool and fur from the bush tail possum (not to be confused with the North American opossum).

Wonderfully Soft, Light & Warm In Winter, & Cool In Summer...
The result is a fabric that combines the best features and properties of these two natural fiber to make an unbeatable combination: the garment is wonderfully soft, light and warm in winter, and cool in summer.

The Garment Does Not 'Pill'...
By combining the merino wool with the possum fur in a yarn, the garment does not 'pill'.

Make Unique And Luxurious Garments...
Produced here in New Zealand, these soft natural fibers make a unique and luxurious garment.
It is said to be the first new natural fiber blend in the world for over 100 years and is unique to New Zealand.

The Possum... The New Zealand brushtail possum was first introduced from Australia in 1858. It is a nocturnal marsupial the size of a large cat with soft luxurious fur. The possum population increased rapidly throughout New Zealand and today totals between 70 and 90 million.

Possums cause considerable ecological damage to our forests and native birds including our national icon the Kiwi bird. The New Zealand government is committed to reducing the possum population in New Zealand and any commercial use of the pest is encouraged.

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Accessories made from Possum Merino Wool

Accessories made from Possum Merino Wool

NZ Possum & Merino Wool Accessories: Knee rugs, scarfs, slipper socks, berets, hats, shawls, beanies,... Click for further details

Children's Wear - Possum Wool Garments

Children's Wear - Possum Wool Garments

Children's Wear - Possum Wool Garments - Lightweight, warm and hardwearing Click for further details

Men's Wear - Possum Wool Garments

Men's Wear - Possum Wool Garments

Possum-Wool Range of MensWear, a versatile range of mens Possum Wool Jumpers and Vests you... Click for further details

Women's Wear - Possum Wool Garments

Women's Wear - Possum Wool Garments

Womens wear made from New Zealand Possum-Wool yarn blended to give luxurious garments that feel... Click for further details

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3rd Party Opinion Says "superior wear, warmth..."
These Possum / Wool blends have been tested by the New Zealand Research Institute Textile Services and have found to show: superior wear, warmth and non-pilling qualities.
Possum fiber is exciting because it is lighter than wool, it is warmer than wool, and like the polar bears fur(!), is the only other natural fiber that is hollow. This is what keeps these two animals warm in winter :-)

21st Century Will Demand: 'Warm and Lightweight'...
Possum fur blended yarns are a specialist yarn. It is real luxury. It has all the qualities that the 21st Century will demand: 'Warm and lightweight'.
If you would like to purchase the possum-wool yarn for you to make your own garments, then click here.

Minimize The Destruction Of Our Native Forests...
Your purchase of these unique products is helping to save our forests from devastation. Thank you.

Save Money And Purchase Directly From The Source...
The perfect gift of quality from an exciting collection of international standard knitwear.
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