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Watties Tomato Sauce Squeeze Bottle 560g

Nz's favourite wattie's tomato sauce in a convenient 560g easy squeeze bottle.

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WATTIE'S Tomato Sauce is New Zealand's favourite tomato sauce. It's the taste that Kiwi's know and love. When we think of Kiwi icons, WATTIE'S Tomato Sauce is almost always mentioned.

In some homes WATTIE'S Tomato Sauce is used on almost everything eaten except desserts! People have told us that they wouldn’t know what to do if they could no longer buy WATTIE'S Tomato Sauce.

WATTIE'S Tomato Sauce has the right flavor and consistency to add that extra tang when served straight out of the bottle as a condiment or as the creative ingredient in many recipes.


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