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Meat Products

Beef Sticks, Jerky and Steak Bars
Beef Sticks, Jerky and Steak Bars

Did you know that Jack Link's are a smart snacking choice for the whole family. They are an excellent source of protein and iron, with fewer calories, fat and carbs per serving than most other snacks.  

Jack Links Beef Snacks are made in New Zealand, where they have perfected the recipe to produce great tasting Beef Snacks. It starts from purchasing the best New Zealand beef, then seasoned and slowly smoked - the result is a high protein, great tasting snack.
 Jack Link's Beef Snacks are so versatile you can take it and eat it anywhere - in between leaving work and going to the gym, while watching the game, to take with you when hiking or camping or even to include in your children's lunch boxes as a healthier alternative.



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Jack Links Beef Jerky 50g x 2 pieces
USD $14.60
Jack Links Beef Sticks 12g x 5 pieces
USD $6.50
Jack Links Steak Bars - 25g x 5 pieces

Jack Links Steak Bars - 25g x 5 pieces

Jack Links Steak Bars - 25g x 5 pieces Click for further details

USD $18.00

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Beef Sticks
The Jack Link’s Beef Stick is a tasty snack with less fat than most traditional salami. Using 100% NZ beef which is seasoned and made into tender strips then slowly cooked in a smoke oven. Children love them, but they are also a great snack for all ages.
Dairy, gluten and MSG free.
Quick Snacks are not always healthy snacks … but ours are!
Because our Jerky is made in New Zealand, only from prime New Zealand Beef, you’re guaranteed a high-energy, flavoursome and healthy snack.
Keep some handy for school, work, sport or exploring the outdoors – anywhere you need energy!
Steak Bars
Jack Link’s Steak Bars are the perfect healthy snack option.
With 8g of protein per 25g bar, they contain more protein than most ‘protein bars’.
Tasty, healthy, convenient.
Just the best 100% New Zealand prime beef, bursting with flavour.
Check out the range now.


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