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*KIRI Skincare Range

Cosmetics (handcream, lotions, soaps, lipbalm, etc)
Kiri Skincare - 16+ UMF manuka Honey and Antioxidant Kiwifruit handcreams, lotions, soaps, Night Creams...
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Kiri Skincare New Zealand Manuka Honey UMF16+ & Kiri Skincare Antioxidant Kiwifruit Ranges.

This is a range that is sure to please. We use KIRI Skincare products ourselves, so we know they are very good.

Try them for yourself. You won't be disappointed.


Manuka Honey UMF16+ Ranges

Experience  the wonderful natural healing properties of New Zealand’s UMF® Manuka Honey through our range of luxurious KIRI skincare products.

From the glossy up-market packaging with glorious photography, and the lightly scented delicate fragrances developed in France from real New Zealand Manuka nectar, through to the richly textured, deeply hydrating and soothing creams available in this range, these products truly reflect the genuine beauty that is New Zealand.

Antioxidant Kiwifruit Range

KIRI® New Zealand Antioxidant Kiwifruit skincare has been created using the highest quality ingredients available and has been developed to help balance the skin’s nutritional deficiencies and reinforce the skin’s natural defences against the visible signs of aging.

KIRI  have used New Zealand grown kiwifruit and kiwifruit seed oil in their products, along with the finest quality rosehip oil, which is known for its ability to assist skin growth, smooth fine lines and restore the skin’s natural moisture balance.




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Manuka Honey For Men UMF16+ Range - KIRI Skincare

Manuka Honey For Men UMF16+ Range - KIRI Skincare

Mens Face Scrub, Moisturiser Balm & Body Wash - KIRI Skincare Click for further details

Manuka Honey UMF16+ Range - KIRI Skincare

Manuka Honey UMF16+ Range - KIRI Skincare

Cosmetics (Nourishing Face Mask, Cleansing Face Mask, Face Moisturiser, Face Cleanser, Handcream, Night Cream,Body Lotion,... Click for further details

New Zealand Antioxidant Kiwifruit - KIRI Skincare

New Zealand Antioxidant Kiwifruit - KIRI Skincare

New Zealand Antioxidant Kiwifruit - Kiri Skincare Click for further details

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What is Manuka Honey?

Manuka Honey comes from the nectar of the flower (pictured on our packaging) of The Manuka plant or Leptospermum Scoparium, which grows in remote unspoilt areas of New Zealand. It is a shrubby bush that can grow to over 6 metres tall and is native to New Zealand.

What is UMF®?

UMF® is a guarantee and measure of the anti-bacterial strength of Manuka Honey. The UMF® standard is the only standard in the world in which the anti-bacterial potency of Manuka Honey can be measure.

Research has shown that some strains of Manuka Honey contain an effective anti-bacterial agent known as the “Unique Manuka Factor” (UMF®). 

Our unique products contain a UMF® of 16+ making it one of the highest levels of anti-bacterial activity available in Manuka Honey, therefore ensuring the superior quality of our New Zealand Made products.

Dr Peter Molan MBE, Associate professor in Biochemistry at The University of Waikato, New Zealand, has since 1981 researched into the healing properties of honey. This research has shown that the UMF® 16+ anti-bacterial activity, diffuses deeper into the skin than other types of honey.

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