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Maori Bone Carving - Manaia Pendant - Fish


" Are You Looking For An Authentic Manaia Bone Carving, Hand Carved By Maori Craftsman Artists and of exceptional quality?

If you answered "YES!" then have a closer look at this stunning Maori Bone Carving Manaia. (Click on the image to see a bigger picture of it and examine the detail which goes into carving it...) 

The average size of these stunning pendants is 2 3/8 inches (60mm) long. 

This traditional Manaia Pendant Comes with a traditional style cord, a woven flax presentation bag (kete) and a description of the meaning or story behind the design.

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Holder Of Great Spiritual Energy ...

The Manaia is an ancient mythical being with a bird's head and a human form (maori mythology bone carvings).

It is said to be the messenger between the earthly world of mortals and the domain of the spirits.

The Manaia is a holder of great spiritual energy and is a guardian against evil.

The Manaia can be seen blended into many Maori designs with subtle differences between tribes.


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