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Matau Maori Bone Carving Pendant

A hand carved bone fish hook necklace or "Hei-Matau" in Maori.
It includes a waxed braid cord with hand carved bone toggle, a traditional woven presentation case and a detailed description of the meaning of the carving.

45mm Long (1.75 Inches)

The Maori people were great mariners and fishermen so the Matau is therefore one of the most powerful symbols used in Maori culture as it represents prosperity, abundance and fertility. 

It also is said to provide good luck and safety when traveling over water. The wearer of a Hei-Matau is seen as a provider and protector who is strong willed and determined to succeed in life.

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Hei-Matau Bone Carving Pendant...

This beautiful hand-made Hei-Matau Bone Carving Pendant stylized fish hook represents prosperity, abundance and fertility.

Good Luck Charm...
Wearing the Hei-Matau Bone Carving Pendant is a sign of respect for the sea and its creatures so it is also regarded a good luck charm providing protection and safety while traveling over water.

Symbols of Power and Authority...
It is a symbol of power and authority which is held in great reverence by the Maori people.
For other people, they represent and symbolize typical NZ art and culture and religion.

Every Hei-Matau Bone Carving Pendant Is Hand Made... 

Every single Hei-Matau Bone Carving Pendant is hand made by a Maori craftsman artist  here in New Zealand; who learnt their trade from their father and /or other members of their 'iwi' (Iwi is defined as "nation people", not tribe).

Every single carving is made to the highest quality.


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