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Poster of New Zealand's 'Kiwi Bird'


This New Zealand's 'Kiwi Bird' poster is a high quality poster with the picture surface protected by a clear over-gloss coating. The poster size may vary slightly and includes a white border around the edge.

Posters are carefully packaged in large cardboard tubes to ensure that they arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

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Poster Of New Zealand's 'Kiwi Bird'...

his scenic poster of New Zealand's flightless bird the Kiwi is by Craig Potton - New Zealand's pre-eminent landscape photographer.

The Kiwi, of the order Apterygiformes-Ratitae, occurs only in New Zealand. Although primarily a bird of New Zealand’s native forests, kiwis also live in scrub and native grasslands. Because the kiwi is a semi-nocturnal, secretive bird, few New Zealanders have seen their national bird in the wild.

The kiwi is the sole survivor of an ancient order of birds including the now extinct moas. A flightless bird about the size of a domestic fowl, the kiwi has coarse, bristly, hair-like feathers. Females are larger than males.

Before the coming of the Maori, the kiwi had no predators. Although the Maori valued kiwi feathers for making cloaks, the number of birds killed by Maoris was probably insignificant. During the latter part of last century, many thousands of kiwis were captured by Europeans for zoos, museums and private collections. Bush clearing, introduced predators, opossum traps and motor vehicles have all contributed to the reduction in the kiwi population.

Today, New Zealanders overseas (and at home) are still invariably called “Kiwis”. The Kiwi is still closely associated with the Armed Forces. The New Zealand dollar is often referred to as the “The Kiwi” and the kiwi fruit is known as a “Kiwi” in some countries. Kiwis feature in the coat of arms, crests and badges of many New Zealand cities, clubs and organisations.

Printed to the highest standard on the finest quality art paper.

Poster Size approx: 23.2 inches x 17.5 inches (590 mm x 445 mm)

Format: Shipping tube supplied


Our scenic posters of New Zealand feature the photography of Craig Potton and Andris Apse, two of New Zealands pre-eminent landscape photographers, as well as other New Zealand photographers. Most of New Zealand's great natural icons are covered in the poster range, as well as a range of New Zealand wildlife. Printed to the highest standard on the finest quality art paper, and in most cases measure 590mm x 445mm.

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