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Products From New Zealand is a wholesale supplier of gifts and products throughout the world

Do You Have A Boutique Store That Is Crying Out For Unique & Innovative Gifts & Products...
roducts From New Zealand.com have a growing number of boutique retail stores that purchase from us on a regular basis at wholesale prices, to stock their shelves with a wide variety of our products for resale in their country (from within New Zealand to NYC, London and beyond.

Do You Have An ONLINE Retail Store That Is Crying Out For Unique & Innovative Gifts & Products...
Products From New Zealand.com can offer you two (2) options:

Quantity ordering = Wholesale Pricing...
Obviously a wholesale price is given for quantity purchasing - especially where you want to purchase multiples of the same item over and over again.

To Proceed From Here You Need To Answer The Following Questions...
Due to the fact we get flooded with 'wholesale enquiries' from people throughout the world, we need to get upfront from you details about your business and the exact products you are looking to stock/resell. To ensure you are serious about purchasing in a wholesale capacity, we need you to answer the following questions in your initial email you send us please:

  • Please tell us the name of your business and an indication of what type of goods you currently sell.
  • Please tell us which city(s) and country you want to sell these products in.
  • Please specify which exact items in particular you are interested in stocking in your shop(s) (you need to list the actual item name).
  • Please give us an indication of the quantity of each item you believe/know you could sell.
  • For your first order, you will Please give us an indication of the quantity of each item you believe/know you could sell.

Who Else Wants To Have Products From New Zealand.com Shipped Internationally To Their Shop Door...
We pride ourselves on the contacts we have here in the New Zealand International Freight Forwarding industry, where they are provide us (& therefore you) with excellent shipping rates, and options on how to get your products from New Zealand safely and securely to you.
Methods include shipping products to you via seafreight / by pallet / by 20' container etc.
We use UPS, DHL, NZ Post for air freight, and then a range of trusted sea freight companies depending on where you are based. If you currently have an account with a freight company, you have the option of using your account rather than ours, or even better, getting quote from both sides...
Trading terms etc are also an option at this point.

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • How Much Will The Freight Be?
    Unfortunately for small orders (under a pallet in size) 99% of freighted goods leave NZ via AIR. Therefore the freight component of an order doesn't change that much. Please do the following calculation to see how much freight will be..
    1Imagine you are based in the USA and want to stock (for example) authentic Maori carved bone pendant: Hei-Matau Maori Bone Carving Fishhook Pendant - 1.18s in your store. And for this exercise you will be wanting to purchase a mix of 9 different designs, and after your initial 'sample order' you will be purchasing them in lots of 10 pendants. Therefore, to calculate a rough freight cost, put 9x10= 90 of the same pendant in your shopping cart. (On the day that I am writing this example, to ship to you in the USA would cost ~USD$319.90 to ship them to you). Now take this price and take off 10%. In our above example the wholesale freight cost would be ~USD$287.91 to ship you 90 pendants - i.e. USD$3.20 per pendant you would need to add to the wholesale price we sent you.
  • How Much Discount Off Retail Would I Get Off Retail Price?
    It varies considerably from product to product. Fill out your answers to the questions above and we can give you a more accurate price :-)

Contact Us Now at Products From New Zealand.com To Get A Competitive Quote...(Please make sure you have answers to the above questions)
In the first instance, contact Matthew by email for wholesale quantities of the best of New Zealand made. Please fill out on the enquiry form your answer to each of the questions above. Otherwise, you can phone / fax or write us a letter with the answer to each of the questions contained within.

Matthew Kershaw - Managing Director
Products From New Zealand
PO Box 5109
New Plymouth 4343
New Zealand

Phone: +64 6 758 7088

We Look Forward To Hearing From You Soon...
Once we have received your email with all questions answered, we will send you, by reply, a wholesale price list. The Minimum Order Quantity is USD$1000 dollars to qualify for wholesale pricing on items.

Products From New Zealand Drop Ship Program

What Is The Products From New Zealand Drop Ship Program?

Although "drop shipping" does involve the shipping and mailing of products, overall it is more a method of retailing that has gained popularity with the advent of online shopping. Basically, drop shipping is an arrangement that a retailer makes with us - ProductsFromNZ.com - a wholesale distributor. You as the retailer sells the product, and we here at Products From New Zealand.com then ship it to YOUR customer complete with YOUR label on the package.

This arrangement benefits Products From New Zealand.com as we gain retail outlet exposure and sales of a product, as well as you, the retailer, who collects a percentage of the sale, but doesn't have to worry about shipping or carrying an inventory. (And you keep the customer's details so you can sell more to them in the future. NOTE: Products From New Zealand.com doesn't market to that customer in the future - we leave that up to you as this is your hard earned customer! If you want us to do the marketing etc, then join our affiliate program and list our products from New Zealand gifts on your website that way).

Drop shipping has been used extensively by companies such as Amazon.com and Overstock.com to build up thriving online businesses that require little or no initial investment in terms of inventory. What happens is that you as a retailer set up a Web site that sells products. When a customer buys a product, they pay you for the product along with any shipping costs (example: product costs $20 with $3 shipping). You then notify us here at Products From New Zealand.com with the pertinent information. Products From New Zealand.com then carefully picks, packs it, sends it to your customer with YOUR label on it, and then we bill you the wholesale price for the product plus shipping (example: wholesale cost $14 plus $3 shipping). You make a 35 percent profit for your efforts.

The Advantages of Drop Shipping With Products From New Zealand.com Are:

  • No inventory
  • No shipping
  • You buy wholesale and sell retail
  • Distributor supplies product information and new products
When starting a retail business, inventory can easily be one of your largest expenses. Not only that, but over time you have to keep your inventory current and stocked with the products your customers most want to buy. If your inventory becomes outdated, you might have to sell it to a discount company at a loss, or worse 'write it off'. Overall, no inventory means less risk to you as a retailer.

Depending on the size of your business, shipping and mailing can expend a lot of your resources. This includes processing orders, packaging, and making arrangements with a shipping company to pick packages up or taking them down to the post office yourself and mailing them. For small businesses, it requires having one or more employees dedicating part of their workday to shipping, taking time away from other tasks. For larger businesses, it means having a full-time mailroom with perhaps a dedicated mailroom supervisor. Either way, drop shipping offers an alternative that alleviates shipping and frees your employees for other duties. We do all this for you at Products From New Zealand.com

The great thing about drop shipping is that you never have to buy an item wholesale until you've already sold it retail. Not only do you benefit from no inventory costs, you also profit from the difference between the wholesale and retail price. You have to get the best price you can wholesale in order to stay competitive in the retail market.

Once you have secured an arrangement with us here at Products From New Zealand.com, you can begin using our product information on your Web site. We recommend you join our affiliate program to enable you to tap into promotional ideas/strategies, download images, descriptions etc. In addition, if the distributor begins carrying a new product line, you have the option of adding it to your online selection. This keeps you current without having to do your own research and development.

Things To Consider When Selecting A Distributor For Drop Shipping:

  • Be wary of monthly fees. (You should not have to pay to sell their product.)
  • Who 'owns' the customer? i.e. Here at Products From New Zealand we understand you found the customer, you own the right to market to them in the future. If you don't, then it is YOUR loss - we are too busy to chase them!
  • Online shopping is highly competitive. Optimally, products should be in demand, but not widely available online — what are called niche markets. (We have been working in this niche here at Products From New Zealand.com since the year 2000. We understand and know this market!
  • Ask about the distributor's policy on defective products and returns. (This always comes up in retail businesses.) Products From New Zealand.com's returns policy is found here.

So You Want To Look At Drop-Shipping With Products From New Zealand?
If yes - please contact us here at Products From New Zealand Head Office and tell us about yourselves. Hear from you soon!


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